Tax Compliance

The last 20 years have seen an environment of heightened scrutiny and ever increasing penalties. Therefore making sure you comply with the tax rules is ever important but has never been more challenging.
I can provide a variety of tax compliance support. You may need to respond to a request by HM Revenue & Customs to submit a tax return or you may need help dealing with the increasing complexities of greater digitisation. Alternatively, you may need to report the disposal of property, a business or investments or make a claim for pension tax relief.
These issues involve complicated rules and legislation and a considerable amount of time and stress. I am here to ease the burden in meeting your obligations and to give you peace of mind.
I can prepare your tax return on your behalf, help you meet your reporting obligations and be available at any time to discuss any queries.I also have experience dealing with enquiries from HMRC.
You will get a service tailored to your precise tax needs.

I have experience with:

1. Tax returns

Preparing all types of UK self-assessment tax returns and liaising with HMRC.

2. Guidance

Guiding people through the complicated rules and legislation underlying the self-assessment regime and providing advice on how to make best use of the available tax reliefs and allowances.

3. Self-employment

Preparing self-employment and rental accounts to calculate the tax-related profit/loss position.

4. Overseas returns

Collating information and creating a report for the completion of any foreign returns.

5. Payments and refunds

Calculating people’s tax liabilities (or refunds) and notifying people of when payments are due. This includes applying for the reduction in payments on account when applicable.

6. Investigations

Dealing with post-submission issues and HMRC enquiries and investigations.

7. Disclosure

Advising on the obligation of the disclosure of capital transactions to HMRC and completion of any necessary forms.

Collaborative working

I can work closely with your existing advisers such as lawyers, accountants and financial planners or can provide recommendations.