As a property owner or investor it’s crucial that you have the right advice on the tax implications of buying and selling property as well as on the ever-changing tax legislation. Indeed many remain unaware of the changes to the reporting of the disposals of residential property from 6 April 2020.You may need help which includes the appropriate structure for holding commercial and residential property. There is also the Stamp Duty Land Tax implications of acquiring property as well as capital gains tax on a potential sale.
If a property is held via a company Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings may also be an issue.

I have experience with:

1. Structuring

Advising on the appropriate structure for commercial and residential property ownership and disposal.

2. Buy-to-let landlords

Advising on how reduced income tax relief on finance costs will affect your particular situation and the options available, altering the beneficial ownership between spouses and guidance on the non-resident landlord scheme.

3. Multiple residences

Advising on the tax issues that arise from the ownership of multiple residences.

4. Principal private residence relief

Advising on when the relief may be restricted because, for example, among other things the grounds exceed half a hectare or the property has not been your only or main residence.

5. Residential disposals post 6 April 2020

Guidance on the new reporting requirements on disposals of some residential property

Collaborative working

I can work closely with your existing advisers such as lawyers, accountants and financial planners or can provide recommendations.